Photo Challenge


We are now in the season of Advent. These days, Advent is often associated with chocolate calendars and Christmas shopping, but the original meaning of Advent (at least according to Wikipedia) is:

a time of expectant waiting and preparation for Christmas. The term is from the Latin word “adventus”, meaning “coming”.

In recognition of expectant waiting, I want everyone to take a picture that includes some aspect of expectation. The picture should be dynamic and illustrate something that is about to happen. This is one technique for making photographs more interesting to viewers by adding tension.

Henri Cartier-Bresson wrote about the importance of the decisive moment in photography, and this is what you should aim to capture in your picture this week.

Please send your pictures in by noon on Tuseday 10th December. Good luck!

Author: Jonathan

Challenge Admin, I enjoy taking photos mostly of landscapes and architecture - but I will try anything! I mostly shoot film and I spend a lot of time in my darkroom trying to get the perfect print. I'm a sysadmin for a living and I also enjoy cycling and music technology.