Photo Challenge

Extreme angles

This week the challenge doesn’t tell you what to take a picture of, but what technique you should use.

Everyone should take a picture from an extreme angle – whether that is up, down or across is up to you. One tip for extreme angle photography is to get as close as possible to your subject, and zoom all the way out. All the better if you have a fisheye lens!

Be careful searching for this on Google Images – my first attempt was extreme anger and then my second attempt got auto-corrected to extreme angler!

Please send your entries in by noon on Tuesday 30th July. Have fun!

Author: Jonathan

Challenge Admin, I enjoy taking photos mostly of landscapes and architecture - but I will try anything! I mostly shoot film and I spend a lot of time in my darkroom trying to get the perfect print. I'm a sysadmin for a living and I also enjoy cycling and music technology.


  1. I saw the post last night shortly after it went up, but I was trying to make time to read up about photography at live music events! A friend has asked me to take some publicity photos at the first gig of his new band (I was very flattered) and this challenge is ideal for that same event!

  2. extreme angle electric pylon

    PS not many comments again this week Jonathan regarding last weeks challenge.

    this weekend i was in a medevel reenactment and i took this of the tent while we were putting it up. i tried to put a different angle on it

  4. Well, best laid plans… no exciting ‘live performance’ images due to a selection of reasons that ended up with me getting home a few mins before sunrise… I think I took a candidate for this challenge at the weekend so may well submit that. Be warned, it probably has one of my children in it!

  5. Here you go, my Extreme Angle, shot withing a blink of an eye, so dont check anything from sharpness. I saw the birds and thought of Jonathan… Yeah, weird :p


    Come on down, the water’s lovely! (Alternatively, to mis-quote Stevie Smith, “not drowning but waving”)

  7. Ow man, not allowed to use my Eiffel tower ones from 2 weeks ago. DAMMIT. ah well, this’ll have to do from me this week :( EXTREME… upside down stairs πŸ˜€