Photo Challenge

Sensory Month: Smell

Part two of our tour of the senses takes us to the world of smells. Take a picture that captures a smell. Try to capture the smell so the viewer will be able to smell what you smell – good or bad!

Please send your entries in by noon on Tuesday 25th June. Have fun!

Author: Jonathan

Challenge Admin, I enjoy taking photos mostly of landscapes and architecture - but I will try anything! I mostly shoot film and I spend a lot of time in my darkroom trying to get the perfect print. I'm a sysadmin for a living and I also enjoy cycling and music technology.


  1. You all know how my default position is to take a photo of my children… and there is one particular situation in which very small children are noted for smelling strongly… I couldn’t… could I?

  2. Ollie – I thought exactly the same thing!

  3. Here you go, my entry for “Smell”.

    En please people, I challenge you, take pictures of full diapers :-) haha

  4. early entry from me this week
    I woke up and smelt the coffee!

  5. Here’s my entry for this week, my must-have these days…

  6. Oops, ran out of time :(

    This is my entry but probably fits taste more that smell!