Photo Challenge

A photo in a photo

What use is it taking a photograph if you never look at it? This week’s Challenge encourages you to display your work in any way you like.

Take a photo of one of your photos on display. This can be a physical print on paper, the picture displayed on a screen, or any other way of showing off a photo. Try to find the most interesting and unusual way of displaying your work.

Please send in your photo in a photo by noon on Tuesday 19th July. Have fun!

Author: Jonathan

Challenge Admin, I enjoy taking photos mostly of landscapes and architecture - but I will try anything! I mostly shoot film and I spend a lot of time in my darkroom trying to get the perfect print. I'm a sysadmin for a living and I also enjoy cycling and music technology.


  1. A photo in a photo. 17 bees on one big bee. Its almost a hyve.

  2. wow! I have exhibited some of mine!

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  4. Along with trying my hand at photography, im a avid woodworker,so this is my Wood Carved Photo