Photo Challenge

The past

Your Challenge this week is to capture the past.

Take a photo that has a connection with the past. It could be something that reawakens a memory for you, or invites you to reminisce. It could be an old item, or an ancient place. Perhaps a person.

The past is all around us is many ways, but bonus points will be awarded for something from the past that has a personal link to you in some way.

Feel free to add a few words for publication with your picture, but don’t feel obliged to do so.

Entries in by noon on Tuesday 28th June, please. Good luck!

Author: Jonathan

Challenge Admin, I enjoy taking photos mostly of landscapes and architecture - but I will try anything! I mostly shoot film and I spend a lot of time in my darkroom trying to get the perfect print. I'm a sysadmin for a living and I also enjoy cycling and music technology.


  1. It’s very tempting to just take a photo of my desk (which has one of these on it: – naturally it works and is connected to another office) or perhaps my front room which currently has one of these in it:

    Or I could go for a more interesting approach 😉

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  3. Late again. Ho hum, and sorry – can you tack it on to the end of the list?

    It’s a dreadful pun I’m afraid –

  4. No problem, Jay. It’s a “soft” deadline anyway – just gives me time to assemble the entries by the end of the day (although I usually do it in my lunchbreak anyhow).