Photo Challenge

May 3, 2016
by Carole
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Golden hour

I have decided on a technical challenge this week – one to make us stretch our grey matter!

Knowing when the right time to set this challenge has been at the back of my mind for a few weeks, especially when I am sure we all have different levels of hectic lives…

Put quite simply – golden hour is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset.  The light produced during these times can produce some truly magical photographs without much effort.

The golden hour creates magical photos because:

  • The sun is lower in the sky, creating a softer & warmer light
  • Shadows are longer, adding depth and texture
  • Subjects can face the sun (for natural lighting) or in front of the sun (to create a silhouette or flare effect)

Try to shoot photos quickly as you will only have a relatively small amount of time to capture your image.

Looking on a website or two tells me that the ‘golden hour’ for the next week will be roughly between 05:30 and 06:15 BST and 19:40-20:30.

If you are outside the UK check out this website…golden hour.

Have a great week and please send your entires in by 12:00 noon on May 10th 2016.

April 20, 2016
by Carole

Changing seasons

There is lots about in the UK at the moment to signify that the season is changing.

Flowers are springing up all over the place, there are lambs in most fields (round near me at least!) and the Sun is making a strong attempt to get its hat on for summer 😀

Let’s all try and capture something about the changing season.  I appreciate people from around the world will have different seasons so it would be lovely to see what others seasons are up to as well.

This week we are also going to go back to a weekly challenge.  Please submit entries by 12:00 noon on Tuesday 26th April.

Have a great week shooting.

April 5, 2016
by Jonathan

A child’s view

Dinos suggested this challenge a while ago, so I thought we’d go with it this week.

This could either be a picture of child’s physical viewpoint, or a more philosophical childlike view of an innocent and playful world. I hope this will provide plenty of opportunities for fun photography while being a bit of light relief from last week’s more sombre theme on depression.

Last week the two-week challenge seemed to work quite well and gave people a bit longer to find time to work on their entries, so we’ll do that again this week. Please send your entries in by noon on Tuesday 19th April. Have fun!

The Black Dog – Results

April 5, 2016 by Jonathan | 2 Comments

We had four entries this week and they are all really strong depictions of emotion. How did everyone find the two-week challenge? I think we might try it again this week.

Would any of the entrants like to say a few words about their entry? And would anyone else like to comment on the works? :)

March 22, 2016
by Jonathan

The Black Dog

This week, it’s going to be a two-week challenge because I think the theme is quite hard. As a handy side-effect, it gives the photo challenge admins an extra week 😉

Winston Churchill described his depression as The Black Dog and I think the complexities of depression make it an interesting topic to explore with photography. Many artists have attempted to express complex emotions in various ways so I thought we could all have a go too. It will be interesting to see what expressions of emotion we can all come up with.

Remember this is a two-week challenge so please send your entries in by noon on Tuesday 5th April. Good luck!

Outside macro – Results

March 22, 2016 by Jonathan | Comments Off on Outside macro – Results

Hi folks, we’re still here! Sorry for the unintentional two-week challenge. The three admins have all found themselves rather busy lately. Here are this week’s two entries, and well done to Kirsty and Aleksandra for sending something in :)

March 8, 2016
by Carole

Point, shoot, post – results

6 entries this week – thank you to everyone who entered :)

It has been quite a few weeks since anyone commented on others photo submissions, myself included!  Whilst it is not essential that people do so, it really does add to the friendly nature of this site.

Please take a few minutes if you can to comment on what you like about others pictures.