Photo Challenge

February 2, 2016
by Carole

The alphabet


26 letters for you to play with this week 😀

Entries in by 19:00 Tuesday 9th February with usual rules applying.  Please ensure your photo can be downloaded – this makes publishing the results quicker and better displayed.

Have a great week!


January 26, 2016
by Carole

Nursery Rhymes

It wasn’t until I had my daughter last year that I really paid attention to nursery rhymes and their meanings.  Many nursery rhymes are based on historic events – the two most comely remembered are ‘ring a ring o roses’ for the bubonic plague and ‘remember, remember’ for Guy Faulks night.

You may find it interesting, whilst looking for inspiration on which rhyme to base your photo on, to read up what the origins are :)

Entries for this challenge should be in for Tuesday 2nd February.  Please state which nursery rhyme your photo is depicting as others (ahem, I) may not be able to work it out!

Have a great week and usual rules apply.  That said, I am unlikely to post the results before Tuesday evening so any entires I get before then I will be happy to include.

January 19, 2016
by Carole

Ice cold


Whether it be the weather outside or an ice cold drink find something ‘ice cold’ to shoot this week.

Usual rules apply, please.  Entries in by 12:00 noon on Tuesday 26 January.

Have a great week :)

January 12, 2016
by Jonathan
Comments Off on Skin tone

Skin tone

It’s a slightly more technical challenge this week. Dinos has suggested that we look at skin tone.

This is a tricky subject in photography, partly because everyone has a different skin tone and partly because different artistic interpretations are suitable in different situations. On top of this, it can be hard to get the camera to do what you want when its automatic metering thinks it knows best!

Going by the rule of thumb, average Caucasian skin should be exposed at Zone 6, on a scale from 0 to 10 (black to white). If left to its own devices, your camera’s meter will aim to put whatever it sees on Zone 5. This is a fairly sensible all-round setting, but it means that skin will often appear too dark in the photograph and look “muddy”.

Most cameras have a setting called exposure compensation which usually has an icon like this:  By setting the exposure compensation to +1, you tell the camera to expose what it sees at Zone 6, thus making the picture a shade lighter. You may need to experiment with the amount of exposure compensation to get it just right for your model.

You could also consider enabling spot metering which allows the camera to meter just the central portion of the scene. You could use this to meter from a person’s face and ignore the background behind them.

Putting exposure compensation and spot metering together means you should get well-exposed skin tones every time! Try it. Please send your entries in by noon on Tuesday 19th January. Good luck, and as always, just give a shout in the comments section if you’re stuck with the technical side.

January 12, 2016
by Jonathan
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Envy – Results

I’ve only just realised – this is the 300th challenge published since I took over the site in 2009. Where has the time gone?!

This week we have five entries on the theme of envy.