Photo Challenge

November 17, 2015
by Jonathan

Symmetric shapes

Something a little more abstract to think about this week. I want everyone to look for a symmetric shape and take a picture of it. Make it as artistic as you can! Play with extreme angles, interesting viewpoints and repeating patterns.

Please send your entries in by noon on Tuesday 24th November. Have fun!

November 17, 2015
by Carole

Fighting the battle – results

I am overwhelmed by some of the creativity of these pictures.  Certainly a lovely way to remember those who have fallen.

Rose, would you mind sharing your story with the rest of us?

Jen, sorry for the difficult challenge again.  I’m not sure i’ve ever asked – where are you in the world 😉

11/11 There is a Ghost in the Lone Pine

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November 4, 2015
by Carole

‘Gunpowder, treason and plot’ & ‘Fighting the battle’

I have decided to set a two week challenge as technically bonfire night falls this week, whilst Remembrance Day would be within next weeks challenge timescale.  I suspect that many celebrations for these two things will be happening over the coming weekend which is why I am setting them together.

That aside – If you don’t manage to get out this weekend that is okay too – try and capture the essence of the two challenges and enjoy a little longer to submit your entry  :)

Gunpowder, treason and plot – fireworks, bonfires and sparklers…….

Fighting the battle – History was never my strong point at school, a recent visit to the imperial war museum in London made me extremely reflective and grateful for all who fought in WW1 & WW2 (and continue to today!).  November 11th is remembrance day so a perfect opportunity for us to remember, or learn, what happened and why.  Taking the time to show this appreciation through a photo would be quite a tribute to those who fought the battle.

Okay then – Quick recap: two challenges/two photos/two weeks

Hope this all makes sense, if not shout! All entries to be in by Noon on Tuesday 17th November, please.

Lomography – Results

November 4, 2015 by Jonathan | 3 Comments

Hi folks, sorry we’re a day late publishing (again). This time yesterday I was looking after a poorly baby. She’s OK now – so here are the results! There’s a great selection of lo-fi lomo art here this week. Did anyone actually use film or have we have all gone for the digital option?

October 27, 2015
by Jonathan


This week, Kim has suggested we try our collective hand at lomography.

Originally specifically meaning images shot on film, these days lomography has come to include a lo-fi style of digital images too. If you are editing digitally, there are loads of apps and presets for signature lomographic styles like cross-processing, heavy vignetting and soft focus.

Entries for this week’s challenge may be taken on film cameras or digital cameras and then edited to give the lomo look. For anyone with an old camera knocking around, this is a good chance to pop to Boots and buy some film! I appreciate that shooting and developing a film could take longer than a week, so if anyone needs more time to submit a film entry please just shout and we’ll consider making this a two-week challenge.

Tentative deadline is next Tuesday, the 3rd November. Possible extension for film shooters :) Enjoy!

What is on your plate? – Results

October 27, 2015 by Jonathan | 2 Comments

It’s 20 past midnight but I haven’t gone to bed yet so I’m still calling it Tuesday! Well done to everyone who sent in a food picture this week.

Kim, the link you put in the comments seemed to be broken and I couldn’t find your photo :( If you let me know the proper link, I’ll add yours to the results!

October 14, 2015
by Carole


Whilst Autumn lasts for many months the ‘best’ time to take the iconic autumn photo is usually within the last few weeks of October. I am lucky to live in a beautiful part of the country (Oxfordshire) and over the past week I have increasingly become aware of how stunning the countryside has become whilst travelling to work each morning.

Over the next week I am going to try and capture some of the ‘autumness’ in the air and I challenge you do so too!

Here are some articles I have found interesting on how to take great Autumn pics……..

Entries by Noon on Tuesday 20th October, please.  (…..and apologies for the lack of a day this week if anybody finds where it disappeared too let me know as i’m still trying to find it!)