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Photo Challenge

Tone it down

September 2, 2014 by Jonathan | 0 comments

This week the Photo Challenge is to do with one of my interests – toning black & white pictures.

A black & white picture can be given a coloured tone (tint) to enhance the feeling that they convey. The most famous historical example of this is the brown sepia tone given to prints over a hundred years ago. Many other colours were also used – originally by using various chemicals but these days we have the luxury of computers.

I want everyone to take a photo, convert it to black & white and then give it a coloured tone to enhance the mood. This could be sepia to provoke nostalgia, red/brown to give it warmth, or blue to cool it down. For bonus points, you could try a technique called “split toning” where the shadow areas are toned a different colour from the highlights. Here are some examples I made, using a photo of my younger brother.

There are loads of comprehensive guides online if you search for Photoshop toning. Basically I’m looking for a good monochrome photograph, and a carefully-selected tone that enhances the character of the picture.

Please send your entries in by noon next Tuesday, the 9th September. Have fun!

August 26, 2014
by Kirsty


Not sure if this has been done before or recently, but it was inspired by a recent trip to a park where they had 3 original (and probably the only 3 pc) sideshows from early 20th century fairgrounds!
The aim is to produce a photo that tricks, twists and confuddles the minds of the audience through some form of illusion!

As per usual, please make sure that I can download your entry, or email it to :) And all entries in for next Tuesday the 2nd September! Enjoy!

August 19, 2014
by Jonathan


This week the theme is rhythm. Take a photo that somehow directly describes rhythm, or alludes to a rhythmic sound or sensation.

Please send your entry in by noon on Tuesday 26th August. Hope everyone has a good bank holiday weekend!

August 12, 2014
by Jonathan

Closely cropped

One of the most basic principles of photography is the framing of an image – what you include and what you leave out.

One of the techniques that we frequently see used in film and TV is a closely-cropped shot to increase tension.

A subject can be rendered more dramatic when it fills the frame. There exists a tendency to perceive things as larger than they actually are, and filling the frame full fills this psychological mechanism.

This week, I want everyone to use the technique of filling the frame to create an image that is high in dramatic tension. Although the subject is closely cropped, it doesn’t matter whether you zoom in with the camera, or crop it later on the computer. It’s the composition that’s important, not the workflow you use to achieve it.

Please send your entries in by noon on Tuesday 19th August. Have fun!

August 5, 2014
by Jonathan

Salt & Pepper

I thought we’d try something a bit different this week. I’m going to state a very simple theme – salt and pepper – and see how many different and creative interpretations you can come up with.

Please send your entries in by noon on Tuesday 12th August. Have fun!