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Photo Challenge

December 16, 2014
by Jonathan

Christmas & New Year

We usually have a two-week extended photo challenge over the Christmas break, but the dates are a bit awkward this year so it’s going to be a three-week challenge.

People are busy so the theme is easy and vague – take as many photos as you can and on submission day, send us your personal favourite. This can be anything ranging from a family group photo, an artistic shot of some fancy food, or an excuse to experiment with fairy lights!

Please send your best picture in by noon on Tuesday 6th January 2015. Wishing you all a very enjoyable and relaxing Christmas holiday :)

December 9, 2014
by Jonathan

Window shopping

This challenge was suggested by Nigel ages ago. We haven’t seen Nigel for a while, but given that it’s the season for shopping and Christmas markets,  it seems like a good time to set this challenge! This is what Nigel originally said:

Window shopping – just that, really, maybe kids looking wistfully at a toy shop window, quirky or unusual promotional displays. Now you’ve asked me to elaborate, I realise how difficult this one would be!

Protip for photographing shop displays – include people :)

So please send your entries in by noon on Tuesday 16th December. Good luck!

December 3, 2014
by Jonathan


For those of us in the northern hemisphere, there’s hardly any light in the evenings now so opportunities for outdoor photography are much fewer and farther between. I tried to think of something that people could do indoors or outdoors, any time of day, and I came up with silhouettes.

There’s huge scope for interpretation here, so go wild!

Please send your silhouettes in by noon on Tuesday 9th December. Have fun!

November 25, 2014
by Jonathan


This week, the challenge is industrial. I want everyone to find an industrial scene and photograph it. Bonus points for approaching someone who is hard at work, and taking their picture while they are working!

Please send your entries in by noon on Tuesday 2nd December. Good luck!

November 18, 2014
by Jonathan

Silver spoons

This week the challenge is called silver spoons. Spoons are an everyday object with a familiar shape, and yet it’s quite an unusual shape. I want everyone to photograph one or more spoons in an artistic arrangement. Try your best with the still-life photography. I recommend reading up on it online for tips if you’re not sure.

Please send your entries in by noon on Tuesday 25th November. And remember, all entries to be taken this week please. Good luck!

Purple – Results

November 18, 2014 by Jonathan | 3 Comments

Seven very purple entries this week – well done!

Kate, was your entry taken this week? Just that it came in mere minutes after I’d posted the challenge last week! I just want to reiterate to everyone: the Photo Challenge is specifically designed to encourage you to take new photos, rather than dig through the archives of old ones. All entries to the Photo Challenge must be taken during the week of the Challenge :)